Skipping rope


Introducing our High-Performance Skipping Rope, meticulously engineered for the serious boxer. With a length of 9 feet, this rope is designed to accommodate users of all heights and skill levels. The lightweight aluminum handles bear our signature branding and are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip during intense workouts. Equipped with rubber grips for added traction, this skipping rope ensures maximum control and efficiency with every jump. The adjustable length feature allows you to customize the rope to your preferred setting, while the 4mm coated cable provides durability and smooth rotation. Elevate your training routine and enhance your footwork with our High-Performance Skipping Rope, the ultimate tool for achieving peak performance in the ring.

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• 9 Feet long
• Lightweight engineered branded aluminium handles
• Rubber grips
• Adjustable length
• 4mm coated cable

Product care

• Wipe clean after use.
• Store in a dry place.
• Avoid moisture.
• Check for damage regularly.
• Handle with care.

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