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Boxing is one of the oldest sports you can think of, it is also one of the best sports to get fit and lose weight. Athletes from all different spots use boxing as part of their workouts to improve their performance and expand their skills. People are fascinated with boxing, but some think that it’s only people who want to compete or that they’re too old, too young, not in good enough shape to start, they don’t want to go alone, they’re shy, they are scared to get hurt…


There are so many excuses not to try, but also many reasons to go box at Hard Knox and change your lifestyle. It is fun, challenging, intense, and you will get in shape and out of your comfort zone, improve your coordination, cardio and strength combined. The question is why haven’t YOU started boxing yet at Hard Knox Gym.

There are so many questions…
Hard Knox Gym is THE answer. Hard Knox Gym is a clean, friendly and professionally run gym. Whether you want to get in shape, to compete or use it as a cross training tool for another sport you’re doing, you will learn all the basic techniques and punching combinations on the heavy bags or focus mitts. Herby Whyne is the founder, owner, head coach and trainer, and he brings his 30 years experiences as a fighter and coach.

Each class is packed with technical instructions and lots of intensity. In this co-ed class, everyone is treated with equal respect to their physical capabilities. Every goal can be fulfilled, whether it is to train hard, get stronger, lose weight, get in shape, build confidence, learn to protect yourself and have fun doing it… Herby assures you of that in each class. Come join the Hard Knox family!

Co-Ed Boxing Classes
X Herby Whyne

Tuesday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm

Wednesday 10am
Friday 10am


discover a new and exciting passion

Women’s Boxing has become more and more popular in the last decade; women’s boxing is now part of the summer Olympics, there are more and more movies involving women’s boxing, more and more models, actresses practice boxing to lose weight, get fit, tone their bodies and learn new skills. Women from all over the world are using it to help build their self-confidence, get stronger, protect themselves, relieve stress, blow off steam and stand up.

learn new skills.learn new skills.

Women’s Boxing at Hard Knox Gym is what you need. It is a clean and friendly boxing gym that’s committed to guide and help you reach your goals, whatever they are. Lead by Christian Hip, you will be guided and taught the fundamentals of boxing. You will be surrounded by women with the same desire. Each class is unique, you will learn to protect yourself, to punch, to be aware of your personal space and most importantly… build your confidence and get in great shape. So whether it’s for recreational or competitive purposes, come discover a new and exciting passion while having fun.

Women’s Boxing Classes

X Christian Hip

Friday 6pm



Whether you just want to get in shape, compete or use it as a tool to help you improve performance another sport you’re doing, you will learn basic techniques, kicking and boxing combinations on the heavy bags or focus mitts. Kickboxing is one of the most complete workouts there is.


Kickboxing is a combination of boxing and kicks from martial arts. It’s the ultimate workout using the upper and lower body at the same time. It allows you to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, reflexes, endurance and most importantly, build your confidence.

Mixed kickboxing classes

X Christophe Alfonzo

Tuesday 7:45pm
Thursday 7:45pm



Do you want to try something new, exciting, challenging and fun? Looking to firm up that butt, lose weight, get strong, build your self-confidence?

discoverdiscover something new.

Come try out our women’s kickboxing classes at Hard Knox Gym where you will learn how to use your entire body, kicking and punching. You’ll learn to effectively use the punching bags, focus pads and learn how to defend yourself. You will release the stress of your day and you may even start to express yourself differently and you might even discover something new about yourself. All our classes start with a good warm up, stretching, and then we put the wraps on and it’s all about you.

Women’s kickboxing classes

X Mélissa Archambault

Wednesday 7:45pm

Women’s kickboxing classes

X Herby Whyne

Saturday 9am


the answer to getting yourself in shape

Body Fit at Hard Knox Gym is the answer to getting yourself in shape. Each class is filled with a variety of exercises and combinations that will shock your body into muscles. Each has the same: burn fat and build muscle. Body Fit will tone your arms, firm up the abs, tighten the booty and boost the confidence sky high. You will leave the class full of energy and ready to tackle the next obstacle that lies ahead of you.


This class is structured for that, to make you feel good about yourself, give you confidence about the way you look and feel. You will be driven you to your limits and you’ll do things you never thought you could ever do. This will motivate you and empower you. Come join the Hard Knox family!

Body Fit

X Christian Hip

Wednesday 6pm


Looking for a challenge?

Boot camp is filled with lots of circuit training that mixes cardio as well as resistance training with weights, kettle bells and resistance bands. And who can forget bodyweight training….


Everyone loves push ups and burpees, right!?!? Herby Whyne taps into his wild imagination and makes you do variations of movements you never even thought possible. You will be amazed by your own strength and before you know it the hour is up and you’ve got a smile on your face. Boot camp at Hard Knox Gym is legendary. Don’t take our word for it, come and try it out, you will not regret it.

Boot Camp Classes

X Herby Whyne

Mondays 6pm
Saturdays 11am
Saturdays 12pm


make the best of your day

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training is a 45min training session that involves punching bags, interval and circuit training and bodyweight exercises that will help you burn fat, FAST!


Kickboxing is a combination of boxing and kicks from martial arts. It’s the ultimate workout using the upper and lower body at the same time. It allows you to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, reflexes, endurance and most importantly, build your confidence.

HIIT BOX Classes

X Christian Hip

Tuesday 12pm

Muay ThaïMuay Thaï

ancient martial art

Thaï Boxing is a derivative or muay boran, an ancient martial art that uses feet, fists, elbows, knees, ‘clinch’ and projection as well as Krabi-Krabong (a practice using arms). In ancient times, the art of Muay Thaï was reserved only for the King and his personal guard.


In ancient times, the art of Muay Thaï was reserved only for the King and his personal guard. Today it is revered as the National Sport of Thailand. This martial art has developed into one of the foundation sports of MMA. A Muay Thaï fight is 15 minutes in length, 5 rounds of 3minutes. Muay Thaï was considered a dangerous and deadly sport and was banned in 1921. However, in 1930, it came back on the scene with new and improved rules for competitions as well as modified techniques that resemble today’s modern day boxing. You could spend a lifetime learning different styles and techniques of muay and you’d never get bored.

Muay Thaï Classes

X Christophe Alfonzo

Monday 7pm
Friday 7pm


develop a culture of self-respect

Hard Knox Gym strives to develop a culture of self-respect, self-confidence and self-defense kids boxing. Boxing for Kids at Hard Knox Gym teaches children to be both strong mentally and physically in order to stand up and believe in themselves and especially against people who intimidate them, like bullies.

DevelopDevelop Strength and Independance.

They are taught to persevere and push through struggles and also to reminded to always respect themselves and their opponents. We teach the children to be strong and independent so that they can handle their own battles in life. We don’t teach violence, we teach self-development and discipline, strength and control and if needed, they will have the ability to defend themselves.
Ibrakhim Sylla who teaches this class, was once a shy and timid boy at Hard Knox Gym and build himself up to be one of the best boxers that Hard Knox produced. He is patient, tough and strict and he instills discipline and respect.

Kid’s Boxing Classes
X Ibrakhim Sylla

Children can start taking classes at age of 8 to 12 years old.
Classes are given twice a week.
Children can also compete if desired.

Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 10am


Private, semi-private and small group sessions.

Call us and make an appointment with any of our experienced and qualified trainers.


create your own program

Our fitness center is complete with treadmills, spinning bikes, elliptical, rowers and a variety of weights designed to let you create your own program and determine your level of intensity.